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Nursing, Political Science students present their research projects

Students from the School of Nursing and the Department of Political Science present the findings of research projects.

Heretics, Hiking, Helping the Environment: Spring courses veer off beaten path

Courses set for Spring Semester take on female heretics, backpacking, cleaning the environment and ecofeminism

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Gerontology minor in School of Nursing meets growing healthcare need

To respond to a growing need to provide healthcare to the elderly, the UTC School of Nursing has added several programs in gerontology, including a multidisciplinary minor for students in a variety of majors.

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Rules of the Road: Alumna leads local bicycle safety initiative

Molly Boyd’s first memory riding a bike wasn’t exactly a happy one. “Growing up, there were stone stairs outside of our house that went down to the back yard. I had a friend over and she was getting in her car with her mom to leave when I decided to hop on my Little Mermaid bike and try to ride down those stairs. I wrecked and it scared me

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Bachelor degree from UTC School of Nursing chosen No. 1 in Tennessee

UTC’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the best in Tennessee.

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