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Convocation 2019 welcomes freshmen to campus

Convocation 2019

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Operation Move In 2019: Students, families and friends pitch in

Operation Move In 2019 a success

Inaugural class of UT Executive Leadership Institute holds graduation ceremony

The first class of the UT Executive Leadership Institute ends its yearlong session with a graduation ceremony.

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New program uses music to treat mental and physical issues

Benefits of music therapy: Regulate physiologic measures Reduce pain, anxiety and agitation Facilitate functional movement Improve communication skills Decrease behavioral distress Regulate attention, memory and executive functioning Enhance self-expression and coping skills Cost Effective reimbursable treatment Decrease length of hospital stay Decrease length of medical procedures and need for sedation Elevate mood Improve patient and family satisfaction Until research studied the matter, the idea that music could be therapeutic

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College of Arts and Sciences opens ‘The Hub’ success center for students

The Hub is the new student success center designed to help the College of Arts and Science’s graduates prepare for life, both while at and after college.

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