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Frist Hall coming down one (big) piece at a time

After 71 years, Frist Hall is being torn down.

Graduate student keeps her eyes on hives in Hamilton County

Study examines hives in Hamilton County to see which ones have the most bees. The amount of being produced in each. The health of the bees themselves.

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Occupational therapy and mental health students practice what they prescribe

Occupational therapists help children with disabilities participate in school and social situations, help people recovering from injury regain skills and provide support for older adults experiencing physical and cognitive changes.

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Big Buddies: UTC students work, play and learn at summer camps for kids with disabilities

UTC psychology majors are Big Buddies at summer camps for children with disabilities.

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Past Becomes Present: Courses examine ancient Roman culture and Greek language

What did Romans living in about 75 A.D. do for fun besides watching men slice themselves to shreds in gladiatorial combat? Ancient Greeks had several versions of the word “love.” You might say one version to your wife, but you certainly wouldn’t use that version with your mom. In both societies, what did they eat for dinner? What laws did they have to obey to avoid arrest? Those questions,

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