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Building a better campus

Just as Chattanooga invested in its riverfront to attract business, residents, and tourists from around the world, improvements at its met­ropolitan university have created a showcase campus.

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Campus construction update

It’s taking shape—the new UTC Library is rising skyward, forming “information commons” on the third floor, the circulation desk and new books on the main floor, and the stacks and collections below.  During the construction process, the University continues to strive for gold   Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED certification, an internationally-recognized green building certification system.

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Happy memories return as South Stadium is dismantled

Described as “a beautiful concrete stadium with an exterior of brick and stone in harmony with the other buildings on campus” in the 1928 University yearbook, bittersweet feelings surround campus as South Stadium is dismantled, nearly 84 years after it was constructed.

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