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Upcoming walking tours offer local African American culture, history and more

Tours scheduled for three successive Saturdays in October.

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History professor’s book wins prestigious award

John Swanson’s book, “Tangible Belonging: Negotiating Germanness in Twentieth-Century Hungary,” was recently honored with the Barbara Jelavich Book Prize, a major prize for scholars researching and writing about Central and Eastern Europe.

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In Civil War-era newspapers, scholar finds motivation behind Confederate monuments

Civil War monuments: Originally “lost lives” not “Lost Cause.”

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Confederate statues and the UTC Civil War Press Symposium

Thirty-nine experts on Civil War and Free Expression experts are coming to Chattanooga from across the country to talk about the media’s role in memorializing a chapter of U.S. history that segments of American society often view in starkly different terms.

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Heretics, Hiking, Helping the Environment: Spring courses veer off beaten path

Courses set for Spring Semester take on female heretics, backpacking, cleaning the environment and ecofeminism

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