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Money management help available

Anthony Doyley is UTC’s new Financial Literacy Advisor.  See what the Mocs Money Management Center offers students.

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So what’s with the green dots?

Green Dot Week creates awareness for a safe campus for all students.

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UTC students, faculty dance at Tennessee Aquarium

Several students and one faculty member broke out in dance that seemed to spontaneously occur outside the Tennessee Aquarium on Sunday, September 5th.

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Professor researches state’s rare plant life

Media reports draw attention to the plights of species fighting extinction—such as polar bears, bald eagles, tigers, and manatees—but a UTC professor is watching endangered flora a lot closer to home. Though Tennessee is a floristically rich state with 2,439 native plant species, more than any other landlocked eastern state, the Tennessee Natural Heritage Program recognizes 490 plant species as rare. Dr. Joey Shaw, assistant professor of biological and

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Restoring an American treasure

Dr. Hill Craddock, Davenport professor of biology, biological and environmental sciences, calls restoring the American chestnut tree “the right thing to do,” especially since the blight that destroyed the US population of the American chestnut tree was caused by human carelessness.

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