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Award-winning author Andrea Wulf to speak on Oct. 5

Andrea Wulf, historian and author of The Invention of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt’s New World, will visit UTC on Oct. 5 to give a lecture, sign books and interact with students, faculty, staff and Chattanooga community members.

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Update: Perspectives speaker urges more fairness, diversity in political campaigns

Matt Taibbi may be a contributing editor for Rolling Stone, but he knows what it’s like to struggle as a young journalist. Taibbi began his career in Russia, scraping by writing stories for tabloids and holding odd jobs. After taking the job at Rolling Stone, writing several books, and winning a National Magazine award, Taibbi had plenty of stories and life lessons to share with students and attendees of

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Wanted: one good candidate, Perspectives 2012

Wanted:  one good candidate  “Why both the Tea Party and the Occupy movement are right about the 2012 election”: Matt Taibbi, contributing editor of Rolling Stone presents Perspectives 2012, The Raymond and Florence Witt Lecture Series.

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