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SoCon scores its 100th year

A century ago on Feb. 25, 1921, the Southern Conference was created.

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Smith, Butler chosen for All-Southern Conference honors team

Along with athletes, SoCon also honors universities’ faculty and staff

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In 2021, Southern Conference will celebrate 100 years

The Southern Conference beginnings were on Feb. 25, 1921.

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Ingram, Denniston named to All-Southern Conference faculty and staff team

Two from UTC chosen for Southern Conference honors

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Sinking the putt: Monica San Juan wins at school and sport

Engineering is a tough major. It involves more mathematics and physics courses than most students want to take or even fully comprehend. It sounds hard, and if you’re not in the engineering field, you might not understand how difficult it is. Golf is a tough sport to succeed in. You don’t just play 18 holes every Saturday afternoon and suddenly become competitive. To be successful, you must be out

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