TAC Regina Shoulders, ALT TAC Shelby Guthrie, Security Comm. Officers Justina Roth, Andrew Park, and Corey Ward (left to right).

Patrol Officers can also be ‘query certified’ in order to fill in gaps, other duties, and take incoming calls for the community. Sergeant Rebecca Tolbert, Sergeant Craig Haney, Sergeant Lacy Bobo, and Officer Tyler McCune (left to right).


Whether calling 9-1-1 on your campus phone, or dialing 423-425-4357, our Security Communications Officers are here for the community 24/7 all year, and we wish to highlight them with special recognition. Every year during the second week of April, the telecommunications personnel in the public safety community, are honored. This week-long event, initially set up in 1981 by Patricia Anderson of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Office in California, is a time to celebrate and thank those who dedicate their lives to serving the public. It is a week that should be set aside so everyone can be made aware of their hard work and dedication.

“On behalf of the Finance and Administration Division, I want to thank our Security Communication Officer team members during this National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. Ensuring the health and safety of our campus is one of our Division’s top priorities. The work you do each day to support it is much appreciate and does not go unnoticed. I thank you not only this week, but throughout the year, for all the great work that you each continue to do. ”

Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance, Tyler Forrest


“I would like to personally thank each of the Telecommunicators at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Police Department during National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week as well as the Police Officers that have been cross trained to dispatch in the Communications Office. We continually rely on you to receive and prioritize both emergency and non-emergency calls, receive the complaints, and send the help that is needed whether from appropriate personnel within our agency or from partnering agencies involving police, fire, or ems.

You are the calm and helpful voice as well as the first, first responder that someone may hear when they need to reach out for a police response, medical needs, or personal assistance. We cannot thank you enough for the assistance that you provide to the public as well as our agency and are grateful for your service.  Happy National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week!”

– Chief of Police Department, Robert Ratchford

“To each and every one of our communications officers, Thank You.
You have been here 24/7/365. The last year has challenged you with the pandemic, the weather, staffing shortages,  and all the other emergencies that you handled.  Through it all, you continue to be the irreplaceable human voice on the line when people need help and your commitment to the safety of our UTC community is truly appreciated.”

Assistant Vice Chancellor of Emergency Services, Robie Robinson

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