…and we are crazy in the Walker Teaching Resource Center.  I probably should be doing other things, but wanted to post an initial post about our new blog.

I hope to use this space to share thoughts and reflections on teaching and learning.  I read so many articles and books that force me to think, perhaps writing can help me make sense of them all.

My latest thoughts have been around how I can make assignments more about teaching and student learning rather than student assessment.  How can assignments be used as teaching tools to help student learn instead of some “final” assessment of how they are doing?  So often, students complete an assignment and then we all move on…perhaps to never return to the material and learning again. We expect students to learn from their mistakes but may never hold them accountable for that part of their learning.  Musing on how that can happen and how I might be able to explain that to students in a non-threatening way.

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  1. Ann Holmes says:

    Here’s my hmmmmmm…
    how do you apply “1st day” to online classes? I get it when they’re all sitting there in front of you, but should I put together an audio/video of the things I would say on the first day to the f2f folks?

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