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What people do….

I love the insight here…. “While there is still plenty of information I will ask my students to learn, I know that my instruction will primarily focus not on what writers know, but what they do.” [emphasis mine] (Warner, J. What we do, not what we know.  Inside HigherEd, July 18, 2012.  Retrieved from Read more:

A look at academic “rigor” What do faculty mean by it?

See a reprint of an article (Dysfunctional Illusions of Rigor) at: and

Practice what we preach?

As I have been working on the ThinkAchieve Quality Assessment Plan, I have pondered long on if I even think that I know how to think critically.  If so, how is that exhibited?  Can my students “see” it?  Can I explain how I “do” it?  How do faculty express their critical thinking skills?  See for a perspective on this…  What would happen if we took our own tests?

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Preparing to teach

An interesting article on Inside Higher Education yesterday with some poignant quotes… From  Fradella, H. F. (August 24, 2010).  Fixing higher ed.  Inside Higher Ed, Retrieved August 24, 2010 from “First, no one should be able to earn a Ph.D. and secure a faculty position in an institution of higher education who has not taken graduate-level courses that prepare them to teach effectively at the college level. Graduate

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It’s the first day of classes…

How can assignments be used as teaching tools to help student learn instead of some “final” assessment of how they are doing?

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