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Students’ and Instructors’ Views of Effective Teaching…..

Research and articles on Students’ and Instructors’ Views of Effective Teaching in the most recent issue of the Journal of Excellence in College Teaching (Volume 24, Number 4 at  (utcID login required, if off campus).

Brain-based research to promote learning….

Link to this article in the recent Journal on Excellence in College Teaching (login required): Also:  Service Learning to Promote Learning (login required):   Lots of good ideas to promote learning:

Structuring group work

Most students (and many faculty) do not like group work. I have maintained for a while that one of the reasons is that faculty assume that by putting students into groups, they learn how to do group work.  To think that students learn how to be a contributing group member when we never teach them how to may be a bit naive. Here is a link to a good

Great ideas for the first day of classes

Several activities for the first days of classes.  Great ideas! Ask students what faculty do to help/hinder their learning.  Ask students to discuss syllabus in small groups, etc.

permission to fail?

I love the concept expressed here……  That we can help students learn from failure.  Trying to figure out how to incorporate this concept into my classes.

What people do….

I love the insight here…. “While there is still plenty of information I will ask my students to learn, I know that my instruction will primarily focus not on what writers know, but what they do.” [emphasis mine] (Warner, J. What we do, not what we know.  Inside HigherEd, July 18, 2012.  Retrieved from Read more:

A look at academic “rigor” What do faculty mean by it?

See a reprint of an article (Dysfunctional Illusions of Rigor) at: and

Practice what we preach?

As I have been working on the ThinkAchieve Quality Assessment Plan, I have pondered long on if I even think that I know how to think critically.  If so, how is that exhibited?  Can my students “see” it?  Can I explain how I “do” it?  How do faculty express their critical thinking skills?  See for a perspective on this…  What would happen if we took our own tests?

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Professors of the year announced….

Professors of the year are announced and I am intrigued by the videos made by one professor to help students understand how to be successful learners. (How to get the most out of studying….)

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The First Day of Classes: The Easiest Day of the Semester (? – NOT!)

What should you do as faculty on the first day of classes?  Does it matter?  Research says that it does.  Here are some hints on what to do… Introduce yourself to the students.  Be sure to let the students know what you want them to call you – Dr.?  Professor?  First name?  Tell the students a little about yourself, in particular how your passion for your discipline was started. 

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