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Structuring group work

Most students (and many faculty) do not like group work. I have maintained for a while that one of the reasons is that faculty assume that by putting students into groups, they learn how to do group work.  To think that students learn how to be a contributing group member when we never teach them how to may be a bit naive. Here is a link to a good

Great ideas for the first day of classes

Several activities for the first days of classes.  Great ideas! Ask students what faculty do to help/hinder their learning.  Ask students to discuss syllabus in small groups, etc.

What Do Students Want in a Teacher?

Interesting article on what students see as the most important characteristics of faculty….  See  The full paper is online at (Student Perceptions of Effective Teaching in Higher Education).  Number one on the list?  Respect! And read the full report to see what students mean by that term…..

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The First Day of Classes: The Easiest Day of the Semester (? – NOT!)

What should you do as faculty on the first day of classes?  Does it matter?  Research says that it does.  Here are some hints on what to do… Introduce yourself to the students.  Be sure to let the students know what you want them to call you – Dr.?  Professor?  First name?  Tell the students a little about yourself, in particular how your passion for your discipline was started. 

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Teaching Teaching Understanding Understanding

insightful video on teaching…

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Advice for online learners (how to be successful)

A list of hints for online learners…

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Why do we have to do this?

Transparency in teaching?  Being obvious in why we ask students to do what we ask them to?  A good idea..see

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Convincing students

How might one convince students that active learning is going to help them learn?  What rationale can professors provide to convince students to buy into active learning strategies and to reach for deeper learning?  Recently an article was mentioned that addressed this topic well, I believe. Gary Smith, in a 2008 article on the National Teaching & Learning Forum, presented some ideas about some questions to ask students on

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First day of classes

What you do on the first day of classes sets the tone for the rest of the semester. If you hand out the syllabus and hold up the book and then let them go early, what does that say about the importance of class time? If you read the syllabus to them, do they “hear” that it isn’t important to read for themselves? If you ask them to do

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Preparing to teach

An interesting article on Inside Higher Education yesterday with some poignant quotes… From  Fradella, H. F. (August 24, 2010).  Fixing higher ed.  Inside Higher Ed, Retrieved August 24, 2010 from “First, no one should be able to earn a Ph.D. and secure a faculty position in an institution of higher education who has not taken graduate-level courses that prepare them to teach effectively at the college level. Graduate

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