FUNDED PROPOSALS: (11/1/2012- 11/30/2012)


The following UTC faculty and staff recently attracted $231,794 in external grant and contract awards:

Mr. Joel Baxley, Director of Visual Art Education at UTC’s Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, secured $1,200 from the Hamilton County Department of Education for a Visual Arts Residency at Battle Academy. Mr. Baxley will lead second grade students in developing mini-installations.


Dr. Beth Crawford, Assistant Professor in the School of Education, attracted $60,570 from the Tennessee Department of Education to continue the Governor’s School for Prospective Teachers in 2013. The Governor’s School is a five-week summer program for high school students who are interested in pursuing teaching as a profession. Participating students will receive three hours of college credit upon completion of the program.


Ms. Mary LaBianca, Director of Dance Education at the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, secured $3,800 from the Orange Grove Center to conduct a dance residency program at Orange Grove. The program will consist of two groups of classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Dr. John McCormack (WUTC-FM) secured $120,229 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to continue the Radio Community Service Grant for 2012-2014. McCormack and the WUTC staff strive to keep the community updated on local and national news and events.


Dr. Amye Warren (Psychology) received $45,995 from United Way of Greater Chattanooga to continue services for Project Ready for School and Child Care Consortium. This grant will provide funds for two graduate students and an adjunct in 2013.


SUBMITTED PROPOSALS: (11/1/2012- 11/30/2012)


The following UTC faculty and staff members submitted proposals with the potential to generate over $1,294,979 in external funding, if awarded:

Dr. Sergei Avdonin (Mathematics) requested $228,302 from the National Science Foundation to develop effective numerical algorithms for solving inverse problems on quantum graphs. The proposed project will deepen connections between mathematics, science, and engineering, and help bridge the gap between mathematical theory and practice for students.


Mr. Joel Baxley (Southeast Center for Education in the Arts) requested $29,518 from the National Endowment for the Arts for a case study to answer the research question, “What are the traits of quality in-school arts education programs in nine Southeastern states?” The SCEA will develop and implement a qualitative study in order to provide knowledge and insight for advocacy and policy development in the region.


Dr. Yu Cao (Computer Science and Engineering) requested $496,450 from the National Science Foundation for a collaborative research project on sensory applications and wireless body area networks (WBAN) for human health monitoring. The proposed project can be used in a wide range of medical applications, sports, and entertainment.

Computer Science and Engineering


Dr. Nick Honerkamp (Anthropology) requested $4,999 from Barge, Waggoner, Sumner and Cannon for archaeological monitoring of the proposed Tennessee Riverpark St. Elmo extension. The project will identify and evaluate the archaeological resources encountered in the St. Elmo extension and make recommendations concerning their eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places.


Dr. Ed McMahon (Computer Science and Engineering) requested $24,500 from the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance to further develop and implement an open innovation design community aimed at improving the lives of the elderly population and persons with disabilities.The design community, comprised of professionals that serve the aging populations and persons with disabilities, students, and UTC faculty, will develop design concepts, prototypes of products, and business plans.


Dr. Valerie Rutledge (School of Education) requested $232,956 from Tennessee State University to continue the work of the Strengthening Tennessee Elementary Schools – Focus on Mathematics (SITES-M) project at UTC. The SITES-M consortium was formed to address the issue of low performance of minority students in mathematics. Project activities for in-service teachers include weekend math workshops and a two-week summer math institute.


The SimCenter Team requested $256,861 from the National Science Foundation for a program called “Engineering Math and Science in the GigCity.” The program will engage teachers and business partners in the design of real-world STEM experiences for K-12 students. Activities will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed for success in our region’s STEM-focused academic and professional environment. Students will be exposed to the wide range of opportunities available in STEM fields through workshops, job shadowing, and internships.


The SimCenter Research Team submitted 9 white papers to the U.S. Office of Naval Research relating to sea-based aircraft science and technology research in response to several problems identified by the Navy.


Ms. Kathy Winters, Dr. Joseph Kizza, and Dr. Li Yang (Computer Science and Engineering) requested $21,393 from Google for a collaborative program between the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at UTC and the STEM School in Chattanooga. The program will consist of a summer camp where students will be introduced to the field of computer science and teachers will learn how to integrate “app” development into the curriculum.

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