Funded Proposals (9/1/2014-9/30/2014)


The following UTC faculty and staff recently attracted $95,974 in external grant and contract awards:

Dr. Jose Barbosa, Associate Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences, attracted an additional $4,500 from the NephroGenesis Corporation for research relating to the binding of Lipocalin proteins and various non-polar organic compounds that accumulate in patients with impaired renal function.  The research may lead to improved therapy and outcomes for people who undergo dialysis.

Dr. Ralph Hood, Professor of Psychology, secured $78,592 from the Templeton Foundation via UT Knoxville to investigate the question, “Do different people see Jesus differently in their mind’s eye?” The study will use innovative techniques that will allow undergraduates and community members to depict their individual, visual images of Jesus.

Dr. Deborah McAllister, UC Foundation Professor of Education, in collaboration with the Tennessee Space Grant Consortium, attracted $1,200 from NASA Aetos Systems to support a series of four Saturday programs for students in grades 4-8. Workshops will center on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education and include activities focused on Earth and space science, engineering, and life science.

Ms. Laurie Melnik, Interim SCEA Director and Director of Theatre Education, Mr. Joel Baxley, Director of Visual Art Education, and Dr. Susanne Burgess, Director of Music Education at Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, secured $2,000 from the Tennessee Arts Commission to support the 7th annual National Arts & Education Forum in May 2015 centered on the theme of “A Context for Quality: What is Quality Arts Education?” Funding will be used for honoraria for nationally known experts in arts education, arts integration, and professional development who will serve as clinicians helping plan the Form, presenting keynotes, and serving as thought leaders to facilitate participants’ discussion.

The SimCenter Research Team attracted $9,682 from CHI Engineering to perform physics-based simulations of potential LNG spillage over dike walls. This is in addition to the $18,833 originally secured from CHI Engineering for this project.


Submitted Proposals (9/1/2014 – 9/30/2014)


The following UTC faculty and staff members submitted proposals with the potential to generate over $982,169 in external funding, if awarded:

Dr. Jennifer Boyd (Biological & Environmental Sciences) requested $2,736 from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to continue her research into the influence of light and soil moisture availability on the growth and reproduction of the white fringeless orchid. A better understanding of these factors will aid conservation efforts on behalf of this rare species.

Dr. Ethan Carver (Biological and Environmental Sciences) requested $255,146 from NIH to fund research on muscle development and human neuromuscular disease. The goal of this project is to acquire and disseminate a better understanding of the developmental processes involved in neuromuscular development, while providing a dynamic and engaging learning experience for undergraduate student researchers.

Ms. Sandy Cole (Center for Community Career Education) requested $19,897 from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga to initiate “College Knowledge, Now!” and Moc College Day, in conjunction with its Postsecondary Awareness with Success program. Through this program, UTC student ambassadors will travel to elementary schools to share their advice and guidance, and children from elementary schools will have the opportunity to visit UTC for a mock college experience.

Dr. Chris Cunningham (Psychology) requested $3,408 from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation, in collaboration with the UT College of Medicine in Chattanooga (UTCOMC), to better integrate staff chaplains into an internal medicine training program. The long-term goal of this project is to provide mentoring about spirituality and humanistic medicine to all medical students and residents affiliated with UTCOMC.

Dr. Preston Foerder (Psychology) requested $19,926 from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga to initiate a collaborative, educational outreach program that will help K-12 public school students gain STEM research experience while working with captive animals. Throughout the project, students will work closely with project coordinators at the zoo, aquarium, and nature center to develop and experimentally assess the effectiveness of environmental enrichment for captive animals.

Dr. Dawn Ford (Biological and Environmental Science) and Ms. Debbie Troutman-Cantrell (Education) requested $66,858 from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to provide a cross-curricular training experience for 15 Hamilton County middle school teachers. The training aims to improve mathematical content knowledge through hands-on-application of science and will involve travel to San Salvador for work at the Gerace Research Centre.

Ms. Joanie Jackson (School of Nursing) requested $19,980 from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga for a joint project with the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department (CHCHD) that will help to reduce falls for senior citizens. The project will offer A Matter of Balance Master Training which will build the capacity of community health care providers to increase physical activity and address the fear of falling in older adults.

Dr. Catherine Kendall (Interior Design) requested $2,200 from the TN Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners to purchase GoPro cameras for Senior Thesis projects in the Interior Design program. Video surveys taken with the cameras will provide an opportunity for students to create concrete models and identify, evaluate, and interpret information during their final project.

Dr. Peggy Kovach (Biological and Environmental Sciences), in collaboration with the UT Health Science Center, requested $27,220 from the US Department of Defense to continue research into the potential orthopedic applications of nanofibers.

Drs. Deborah McAllister, Kay Cowan (Education), and Aniekan Ebiefung (Mathematics) requested $74,978 from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission to engage 32 fifth-grade teachers in professional development using the Tennessee Educator Acceleration Model (TEAM). Through the workshop, Drs. McAllister, Cowan, and Ebiefung will improve mathematics content and pedagogy for fifth-grade teachers as they implement the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics in classrooms.

Drs. Gary McDonald, Charles Margraves, and Trevor Elliot (Mechanical Engineering) requested $29,900 from the TN Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners to fund new research equipment for their department. This equipment will primarily enhance learning for junior and senior level mechanical engineering students by incorporating a wide variety of pedagogical strategies to accommodate diverse student learning styles.

Ms. Laurie Melnick and Dr. Susanne Burgess (Southeast Center for Education in the Arts) requested $1,688 from Williamson County Schools to implement a workshop for drama and music specialists. During the workshop, participants will learn how to bridge students’ learning with performance experiences.

Dr. Don Reising (Electrical Engineering) requested $331,028 from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research to advance current technologies that differentiate individual wireless devices to minimize threats to US wireless networks. His research will specifically focus on multiple techniques to “fingerprint” devices to achieve serial number discrimination under various operating conditions and environments.

Mr. Perry Storey (UTC Challenger Center) requested $19,980 from the Community Foundation of Chattanooga to fund three new mobile STEM labs at the UTC Challenger Center. If awarded, approximately 3,000 K-12 students will benefit from the new educational labs each year.

Dr. Steve Symes (Chemistry), in collaboration with the UT Health Science Center, requested $34,452 from the US Department of Defense to fund research to explore nanofiber applications and their potential for bone repair in orthopedic treatments.

Dr. Kim Wingate, Ms. Debbie Troutman-Cantrell, Dr. Billy Millican (Education), and Ms. Angelique Ramnarine (Mathematics) requested $72,772 from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission for a workshop that will better prepare teachers to implement the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics in the classroom. The focus of the training will include fundamental CCSS content areas in grades 3-5 for both regular and special education staff.