Funded Proposals (3/1/2015-3/31/2015)


The following UTC faculty and staff recently attracted $281,488 in external grant and contract awards:

Dr. Lucien Ellington, UC Foundation Professor of Education, received $20,000 from the Apgar Foundation to offer teacher institutes through UTC’s Center for Reflective Citizenship (CRC), which aims to further civic education in K-12 schools and undergraduate programs. Additionally, the project will expand the activities presented at Constitution Day, an annual event organized by the CRC.

Dr. Ralph Hood, Professor of Psychology, secured an additional $4,600 from the John Templeton Foundation via UT Knoxville to investigate the question, “Do different people see Jesus differently in their mind’s eye?” The study will use innovative techniques that will allow undergraduates and community members to depict their individual, visual images of Jesus.

Dr. John Lee, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, attracted $40,000 from the Research Corporation for Science Advancement for work on synthesizing a series of new cobalt (III) complexes. The techniques used in the project will reinforce and build on topics covered in organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry for the students, while instrumentation will be available within the UTC department of chemistry for hands-on use by student researchers.

Dr. Daniel Loveless, Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, attracted $72,888 from the Defense Threat Reduction Agency through Vanderbilt University to investigate radiation effects on emerging technologies. The project will work on the development of standard analog and mixed-signal test structures through a one-year guided effort with Vanderbilt.

Ms. Ginny Reese, Director of Continuing Education, Dr. Helen Eigenberg, Professor of Criminal Justice, and Ms. Karen McGuffee, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, received $38,000 from the Tennessee Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence to conduct a Victim Assistance Academy on UTC’s campus during the summer 2015 semester. The purpose of the academy is to provide training to victim advocates.

The Graduate School of Computational Engineering Research Team attracted an additional $106,000 from CHI Engineering to perform physics-based simulations of potential LNG spillage over dike walls.


Submitted Proposals (3/1/2015 – 3/31/2015)


The following UTC faculty and staff members submitted proposals with the potential to generate over $3,811,472 in external funding, if awarded:

Mr. Andy Carroll (Center for Academic and Innovative Technologies) requested $17,090 from the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce for enhanced resources to support Chattanooga’s THRIVE 2055 regional planning program. The project will build a series of site suitability tools that would utilize resources from the THRIVE 2055 regional resource inventory database.

The Graduate School of Computational Engineering Research Team, in collaboration with Purdue University and West Virginia University, requested $238,822 from the U.S. Department of Energy to design a turbine blade tip with improved aerodynamic performance and heat transfer characteristics.

The Graduate School of Computational Engineering Research Team requested $10,649 from SmartTruck Systems, LLC to develop a volume mesh and conduct a simulation for a road speed of 65 mph with zero crosswinds.

Dr. Lee Harris (Music) requested $5,950 from the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga Inc. to host the Kodaly Institute at UTC, an annual three-week course that equips teachers to be strong musicians who are effective in the classroom. During the institute, participants will complete 75 hours of professional development, and will learn the tools needed to guide students in the arts of music-making and music literacy.

Drs. Farah Kandah, Joseph Kizza, Yu Liang, and Dalei Wu (Computer Science and Engineering) requested $1,003,278 from the National Science Foundation to develop an early warning system for law enforcement dispatch services. The system will be based on sponsor-based audio and video streaming data capture, extraction, analysis, and timely dashboard alerts to law enforcement dispatchers and first responders in the area.

Drs. Deborah McAllister and Kay Cowan (Education) requested $5,000 from the Kinder Morgan Foundation to extend the STEM Saturdays program. The workshops will focus on mathematics and connections for students in grades 3-8.

Dr. Carolyn Schreeder, Ms. Elizabeth Smith, Ms. Candace Bishop, Ms. Nikcole Hayes, Ms. Stephanie West (Nursing), Dr. Cathy Scott (Social Work), and Dr. Diedri White (Health and Human Performance), in collaboration with the UT College of Medicine’s Chattanooga Unit, requested $2,505,483 from the Health Resources and Services Administration to implement the Geriatric Integrated Primary Care and Training program. The project will advance interprofessional preparation in the tremendously disadvantaged and medically underserved region of southeast TN and north GA, while improving health outcomes for older adults, their families, and the underserved community.

Ms. Ginny Reese (Continuing Education), in collaboration with the UT Institute for Public Service, requested $9,200 from the U.S. Department of Justice to continue the Southeastern Command and Leadership Academy. The program targets senior law enforcement professionals from small to full-sized agencies, and the academy addresses community policing, leadership and supervision, budgeting, litigation, and crisis management, among other topics.

Dr. Don Reising (Electrical Engineering) requested $16,000 from the Southeastern Center for Electrical Engineering Education to research wireless network security. The project aims to develop an algorithm that could lead to better security for wireless networks such as cell phones and Wi-Fi.

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