Please join me in commending UTC faculty and staff who have received awards or submitted proposals for sponsored programs in January 2016. These projects are also listed on the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs’ blog

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Funded Proposals (7/1/2016 – 7/30/2016)


The following UTC faculty and staff recently attracted $250,017 in external grant and contract awards:

Dr. Stuart Benkert, Director of Complete College Tracking & Assessment, has received $151,199 from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission’s Institutional Outcome Improvement Fund Grant (IOIF).

Ms. Laurie Melnik, Executive Director for the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, and Mr. Joel Baxley, Director of Visual Art Education, have received $7,000 from the Tennessee Arts Commission for the 10th Annual Arts & Education Forum Series.

Dr. Henry Spratt (Biology, Geology and Environmental Science) and Dr. David Levine, (Physical Therapy) have obtained $6,698 from Richmar, a local medical device and engineering company, towards the use of developing a protocol to disinfect Richmar’s “GelShot” Ultrasound Coupling Gel and Retaining Clips.

Dr. Kidambi Sreenivas, Research Professor at the SimCenter, has been awarded $4,000 from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in order to produce viscous flow simulations on Pelton turbines.

Dr. John Freeze, Director of Continuing Education, was awarded an additional $21,120 for the UT Institute of Public Service for the Southeastern Command and Leadership Academy (SECLA). He was previously awarded $11,500 for the same program in May of 2016.

Deputy Chief Craig Hamilton (UTC Police), Ms. Stephanie Rowland (Title IX Coordinator), Ms. Sara Peters (Women’s Center), and Dr. Helen Eigenberg (Criminal Justice), secured $60,000 from the Tennessee Office of Criminal Justice Programs to improve UTC’s ability to respond to sexual misconduct and relationship violence.



The following UTC faculty and staff members submitted proposals with the potential to generate over $2,633,620 if awarded:

Dr. Jennifer Boyd (Biology, Geology and Environmental Science) has requested $22,354 from the US Fish and Wildlife Service to assess the transplantation of White fringeless orchids into existing populations as a viable conservation strategy.

Dr. Louie Elliott (Civil, Chemical and General Engineering), has requested $37,856 from Gestamp for the simulation and modeling of sheet metal forming for Gestamp Chattanooga’s automobile parts.

Dr. Loren Hayes (Biology, Geology, and Environmental Science) and Dr. Amanda Clark, (Psychology) have requested $219,430 from The Hearst Foundation for their project, “Minority Women in Science Initiative.”

Dr. Farah Kandah (Computer Science and Engineering) has requested $536,368 from the National Science Foundation’s CAREER program for his project, “Adopted Networking Design to Improve the Network Performance in Crowded and Critical Situations.”

Dr. Daniel Loveless (Electrical Engineering) has requested $500,000 from the National Science Foundation’s CAREER program for his project, “Maximizing Performance and Reliability through Stochastic Modeling.”

Ms. Laurie Melnik, Director of the Southeast Center for Education in the Arts, has requested $20,510 from the National Endowment for the Arts to support the I Come from a Place program, a multidisciplinary (drama, media arts, and literacy) direct learning project.

Dr. Jill Shelton (Psychology) has requested $531,511 from the National Science Foundation’s CAREER program for her project, “Revealing the Dynamic Nature of Prospective Memory.”

Mr. Takeo Suzuki, Executive Director of International Education, Dr. Robert Dooley, Dean of the College of Business, and Dr. Beverly Brockman, Department Head of Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, have requested $81,337 from FHI 360 for their program “Young Transatlantic Leader Exchange: Entrepreneurship and Innovation.”

Dr. Weidong Wu (Civil Engineering) has requested $547,414 from the National Science Foundation to develop rapid repair technology for levees and dams.

Drs. Li Yang, Joseph Kizza (Computer Science and Engineering) Jennifer Ellis (Education), and Prof. Katherine Winters (Computer Science and Engineering) have requested $136,840 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s RAMPS program for cybersecurity education and workforce development.