Please join me in commending UTC faculty and staff who have received awards or submitted proposals for sponsored programs in March, 2017. If you have any questions about award activity, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can also view this on the ORSP blog.

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The following UTC Faculty and Staff have attracted $311,579 in external grant and contract awards:

Dr. Neslihan Alp (Engineering Management Technology), Dr. Li Yang (Computer Science), Dr. Karen Adsit (School of Education), Mr. Andy Carroll (IGT Lab), Dr. Trevor Elliott (Mechanical Engineering), and Dr. Charles Margraves (Mechanical Engineering) have received $73,991 from the Tennessee Higher Education Commission for the project entitled “EXCEL: Exploring Clean Energy Through Hands-On Learning.”

Mr. Chuck Cantrell (Communications/WUTC Radio station) has requested and received $132,703 from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting for the project entitled, “FY2017 CPB Community Service Grant.”

Mr. Andrew Carroll (IGT Lab) has received $100,000 from the Lyndhurst Foundation for the project entitled, “Interdisciplinary Geospatial Technology Lab Support Year 3.”

Ms. Laurie Melnik and Dr. Joel Baxley (Southeast Center for Education) have received $3,500 from ArtsBuild for the project entitled, “Support for Visual Arts Artist in Residence Project for Second Grade Students in Hamilton County.”

Drs. Henry Spratt (Biology, Geology & Environmental Science) and David Levine (Physical Therapy) in collaboration with Drs. Mark Brzezienski and Mathew T. Epps from UTCOM/Erlanger Hospital requested and received $1,385 from the Plastic Surgery Group for the project entitled, “Triple Antibiotic Wash: Fact or Fetish? The Efficacy of Antibacterial Solution Wash during Placement of Breast Prosthesis in Bacterial Load Reduction.”

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The following UTC faculty and staff members submitted proposals the potential to generate over $3,357,723 in external funding, if awarded:

Drs. Neslihan Alp (Engineering Management Technology), Raga Ahmed (Electrical Engineering, Li Yang (Computer Science), Mbakisya Onyango (Civil & Chemical Engineering), Louie Elliott (Mechanical Engineering), and Trevor Elliott (Mechanical Engineering) have requested $14,586 from the Engineering Information Foundation for the project entitled, “UTC Girls to Engineers Network (GEN) Funding Priority – Programs to Encourage Middle School Girls in Engineering.”

Ms. Twyler Boykin (Center for Community Career Education) has requested $1,287,500 from the US Department of Education for the project entitled, “Upward Bound Math & Science.”

Dr. Preston Foerder (Psychology) has requested $1,495 from the International Primatological Society for the project entitled, “iChimp: Using Internet Technology to Connect Captive Chimpanzees.”

Ms. Tricia Henderson (Office of the Dean of Students), Dr. Elizabeth O’Brien (Counselor Education Program), Dr. Morgan Cooley (Social Work), Dr. Anne Pingenot (Nursing) and Dr. Ann Ordway (Counselor Education Program) have requested $305,847 from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration for the project entitled, “UTC GLS Suicide Prevention Project.”

Dr. Nicholas Honerkamp (Sociology) has requested $4,322 from the Georgia Department of Natural Resources for the project entitled, “A Proposal for Conducting Archaeological Survey and Testing at Three Historic Sites, Sapelo Island, Georgia.”

Dr. Deborah McAllister (School of Education) has requested $2,000 from NASA for the project entitled, “GLOBE Aerosols for Elementary Pre-service Teachers.”

Drs. Mina Sartipi (Computer Science), Kidambi Sreenivas (Mechanical Engineering), and Gregory Heath (Health & Human Performance) have requested $99,787 from the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering for the project entitled, “Health-Centric Multi-Modal Mobility.”

Drs. Li Yang, Yu Liang, and Dalei Wu (Computer Science) have requested $1,508,098 from the National Institute of Standards and Technology for the project entitled, “Building Fire Resilient Communities with Emerging Computing Technologies.”