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Test of UTC-ALERT System

Incident 15-004844   UTC-ALERT SYSTEM TEST:   The University will be testing the UTC-ALERT system on Wednesday, August 26th at 11:55 AM   What is the UTC-ALERT system?   This “multipath” system is used to provide information during emergencies and events which significantly impact campus operations.   How we send information to you depends on the urgency of the situation.  The most urgent information is sent via text messages

Burglary – South Campus

28 June 2014   Incident Number 15-003743   Location – South Campus Housing     This morning, the 28th of June, the UTC Police Department were informed of a Burglary from a residence hall on South campus, which occurred between Saturday evening at 9:00pm and Sunday morning at 5:00am. The unoccupied dwelling was entered through an unsecured exterior door on the second floor. Once inside, electronics were taken from

Emergency Closure of Patten House North Entrance

Date: June 24, 2015   Incident Number: 15-003666   Location: Patten House, Vine Street at Palmetto   Beginning immediately, both the entrance to Lot 18 and the north entrance to Patten house from the Lot 18 side of the building are closed.    Patten House is one of the oldest and most historic buildings on campus.  Currently it serves as home to both Alumni Services and the University Club

HEAT ALERT -Use Caution

Date  16 June 2015 Incident Number 15-003546 Location Campus Wide   Did you know that heat kills more people than any other weather related event?   Heat kills more people every year than tornados or snow storms.   The National Weather Service is projecting the heat index to top 100 degrees today and, if the forecast holds, it will increase to near 105 over the next two days. The