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Close the Door! It Might Save Your Life!

Most people don’t realize the benefits to closing doors when faced with a fire. The Tennessee State Fire Marshal wants everyone to know that a door is one of the best firefighting tools around. IT CAN: reduce fire growth and spread limit damage to your home or building possibly save lives Hard to believe? Statistics show that it is true. Temperatures on the fire side of a door can

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Fireworks: Not for Amateurs

Fireworks are a major part of most July 4th celebrations.  However, every Independence Day, celebrations are marred when people use consumer fireworks and get hurt! Despite the dangers of fireworks, many people seem to forget the associated risks – devastating burns, other injuries, fires, and even death. More and more municipalities are making consumer fireworks illegal.  If you want to watch fireworks, go to commercial displays.  In our area, there

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Turn Around, Don’t Drown

As we watch the news stories of the horrible flash flooding in the Texas and other states, we are reminded that flood waters can truly be dangerous! How can you be safe when the waters rush your way? A healthy respect and awareness of dangerous conditions are the best defense. Here are a few resources for you. First, listen to weather reports or download an app like the one

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Summer Fun, Here We Come!

Summer is finally here, and many of us take advantage of the warm sun and lighter school schedule to spend some time in the outdoors!  However, no matter where you go or how you enjoy our wonderful waterways, pools and outdoor venues, there are some safety tips that you need to know to enjoy the summer weather and have fun safely!

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Tornado Season is Here!

When we think of spring, we usually think of growing things and new beginnings.  However, April showers don’t just bring May flowers.  They can also bring tornadoes our way.   Do you know what to do if a tornado strikes in your area?