Most people don’t realize the benefits to closing doors when faced with a fire. The Tennessee State Fire Marshal wants everyone to know that a door is one of the best firefighting tools around.apartment fire


  • reduce fire growth and spread
  • limit damage to your home or building
  • possibly save lives

Hard to believe? Statistics show that it is true. Temperatures on the fire side of a door can climb up to 700 degrees, while the temperatures on the other side of the door can be as low as 90. In addition, a closed door can hinder flames and smoke from spreading to other rooms. It can also help deprive a fire of the oxygen it needs to grow. Closing the door behind you as you escape a fire can help control the fire and provide precious seconds needed for you and your loved ones to escape.

Of course, your primary objective is to safely evacuate from a building and to call 9-1-1 as soon as you can. However, taking a moment to close the door behind you might help you or someone else in the building have the time they need to escape. It can also help the firefighters who respond to the fire by limiting the spread of the fire so they can contain it more quickly. It’s a win/win!


  • close the bedroom door when sleeping, if possible
  • close doors behind you when escaping a room or building that is on fire
  • keep fire doors closed–never wedge, disable or prop open fire doors in apartments of other buildings


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