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Hazardous Material Response Lunch and Learn – Wednesday (June 5)

Come join us for an informative discussion, led by Captain Robert Thompson with the Chattanooga Fire Department, regarding hazardous material response. Captain Thompson will talk about who to call and what to expect if we have a chemical spill at UTC. He will also share information about accidents at other campuses across the nation and show how their personnel and local community responders handled those incidents. Reply now to

Programs for Minors – Policy Informational Sessions Coming Soon

Our campus works hard to create opportunities for area youth, but these programs might fall under the Programs for Minors policy. Do you know if your program is a covered program? We have four informational sessions coming up to open a dialogue with you about your current or future program. If you want to learn more or have questions about this policy, please plan to attend one of the

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

Did you know that reporting child abuse and child sexual abuse is required under Tennessee law?  Any person who either has knowledge of such abuse, or who suspects such abuse is occurring, is required to report it to authorities. You may report abuse via one of the following avenues: Tennessee Dept. of Children’s Services at 1-877-54ABUSE (1-877-542-2873) The sheriff of the county where the child resides The chief law

SafeMOCS Training Available – Earthquakes

Drop, Cover, and Hold On. Earthquakes in Chattanooga? It’s happened before, and it can happen again. Chattanooga is located in the Eastern Tennessee Seismic Zone. We’re seeing more activity in the area, including the magnitude 4.4 earthquake that struck between Chattanooga and Knoxville this past December. What does this mean for you? Jean-Marie Lawrence, UTC’s Emergency Management Planner, will discuss this potential and share how UTC prepares for earthquakes and

How High is the Water?

Flooding? Here? Yes, here. Chattanooga is a relatively low flatland on the Tennessee River, and this does mean flooding is a potential problem. Tim Pridemore, UTC’s Emergency Management Specialist, will discuss this potential and share how UTC prepares for flooding and how you can prepare for it, too. Come join the discussion on Thursday, January 31, in the University Center’s Signal Mountain room from 11:30-12:30. Feel free to bring your