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Elevator Safety

Do you know these Elevator Safety tips?

  • Watch your step when you get on or off an elevator.
    • Wait for elevator occupants to exit before entering an elevator.
    • Stand clear of doors when they open and close.
  • Don’t attempt to stop closing doors; wait for the next car.
  • If you are in a stalled elevator or the doors don’t open, press the HELP button, which directly connects to UTC Police at 423-425-4357.
    • Do not pry open the doors.
    • Do not try to exit a stalled elevator.
    • Wait calmly and quietly for help to arrive.
  • If an elevator is not working and you are unable to use the stairs, call for assistance from the UTC Police at 423-425-4357.
  • Never use an elevator if there is a fire.
    • Use stairs to exit the building.
    • If you are unable to reach or use the stairs, seek an area of refuge and call UTC Police at 423-425-4357 to tell them of your location.

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