cornucopiaThanksgiving is a time of joyful contemplation of the bounty for which we all are–well, okay. Maybe I am overplaying it a bit. Thanksgiving is a time when families gather to eat, cook and enjoy time together. Unfortunately, Thanksgiving is also the peak day for cooking fires in the U.S.

Why does cooking cause so many issues? And why is Thanksgiving the day when most cooking fires occur? We get distracted. We walk out of the kitchen to better hear Uncle Fred’s joke, and return to discover our green beans are burning! Or maybe we get so wrapped up in the story of how Sally met her new husband, we totally forget about that gravy on the stove. It is easy to see why we might find ourselves facing a kitchen fire!

Don’t despair! According to the National Fire Protection Association, there are a few simple rules everyone can follow to lead to a safe and happy Thanksgiving day! Watch this video to learn how to be safe while enjoying your holiday.




And here’s a fun little video William Shatner made to highlight turkey fryer safety.

We wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving, and hope you do have time to reflect on your blessings this week!

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