Let’s face it.  We don’t face snowy roads very often in Chattanooga.  Treacherous driving conditions can occur suddenly, but if you are already on the road that radio announcer’s advice to stay at home comes a bit late!  What do you do?

First, the usual techniques don’t always apply when driving in snowy conditions.  Familiarize yourself with the proper ways to navigate hazardous road conditions by studying these tips from the DMV.  Using their A single lane of traffic drives between two cars involved in an accident on the westbound lanes of Interstate 84 near mile marker 31 on Wednesday, Dec. 31, 2008.common sense ideas may enable you to make it back home with no harm to you or your car.

However, even the best of drivers might find themselves stranded as road conditions deteriorate.  Make sure you are prepared for long hours in your car by packing up a winter preparedness kit for your car.  In addition, these suggestions from the National Safety Council and these tips from AAA Exchange are excellent ways to prepare your car and yourself for what may turn into a long night on the highway.

Of course, if you do hear that roads are hazardous before you leave, stay safe and warm at home.  Those snowy roads won’t last long, and you will soon see sunny skies and safe, dry roads once more!