Shaun LaRose and Sustainability in an Arts Ecosystem

Inspired by Earth Day—which is on April 22—we have been looking at what an ecosystem is comprised of and how we can relate that to the arts. What makes up an arts ecosystem, and how do we make sure that ecosystem is sustainable? We decided to pull Shaun LaRose into this conversation. Mr. LaRose is the Director of Fine Arts at Chattanooga Christian School. We met him last month

Motivation Monday – How Katie Claiborne Has Helped Her Students Grow As Artists

Happy Motivation Monday! We’re doing this a little differently this week. When we asked Mrs. Katie Claiborne what lessons she is most proud of, she kindly shared information about a few the installations and exhibitions she has been able to do with her students. Read what she has to say below!   What lessons are most proud of? Claiborne: Hmmmm. That’s hard to say…I guess I am proud that

Katie Claiborne – Arts in Our Schools Month

  We’re wrapping up Arts in Our Classroom Month with Mrs. Katie Claiborne. Mrs. Claiborne teaches visual art at Hixson High School. She was kind enough to answer our questionnaire as well talk to us about her students’ exhibitions and installations. Here’s what she had to say:   What inspired you to get involved in the arts? Claiborne: I have made visual art as long as I can remember,

Amy Smith – Arts in Our Schools Month

The next educator we are featuring is Ms. Amy Smith. She teaches music to Pre-K through 5th grade at both Alpine Crest and Red Bank Elementary Schools. We gave her the list of our questions, and I also got the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Smith and ask her some follow-up questions based on some of the answers she gave us. Her answers are as follows:   What

Ellie Austin – Arts in Our Schools Month

The next educator we are featuring is Ellie Austin. She is a theatre teacher at Chattanooga Christian School, and she teaches seventh and eighth grade. We presented Mrs. Austin with a series of questions and asked her to choose the questions that spoke to her the most and would help tell her story the most. The following are her answers:   What inspired you to get involved with the

Kimerlen Moore – Arts in Our Schools Month

March is National Arts in Our Schools Month. This month is dedicated to each specific discipline of the arts—music, theatre, and the visual arts—and how they allow students to grow as well as the professional growth of the educators committed to providing an arts-rich education to their students. While this month started out as a single day event to highlight music education, each discipline now has their own events

Support for Future Teachers

The path to certification in arts education (theatre, visual art, or music) can seem mysterious and quite daunting, especially to arts education majors at UTC who are students in both the College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Education.  As a recent graduate of the BA Theatre and Teacher Education Programs (yay!) I know firsthand the fears and anxieties that come along with the process.  Student teaching

SCEA Welcomes 2018-2019 Arts Learning Lab Clinicians

As the Arts Learning Lab 2018-19, “The Story in STEAM”, kicks off next month, SCEA is excited to collaborate with 3 amazing educators who are currently implementing STEAM- based learning in their practice. Each clinician will work alongside our nationally recognized SCEA Directors and facilitate sessions during the summer workshops as part of the 2018-2019 Arts Learning Lab.   Meet Scott Rosenow, Technology Integration Specialist and the new e-Lab Specialist

STEAM summer professional learning is a fantastic way to refresh, recharge, and reset!  

Recently, a Pathways Blog post spotlighted Red Bank Elementary Arts Learning Lab (ALL) 2018-19 school team from Hamilton County Schools. This week, Girls Preparatory School (GPS) and their ALL 2018-19 team educators Lisa Wilkes (Mathematics grades 8-12) and Julie Deavers (Visual Art grades 10-12) are spotlighted, welcoming them to SCEA’s summer professional learning program, Arts Learning Lab (ALL) 2018-19: The Story in STEAM! Starting a new school year with a STEAM-based

Be the Reason!

Graduation is always an exciting time as our students embark on their next chapter but also bittersweet as we say goodbye to a fantastic class of teacher candidates in art, music, and theatre. Education is an area that touches every discipline, and you are entering a profession that will make a profound impact on countless lives. Teaching can sometimes feel like a test of passion, but you will go