Much like the fall 2014 semester, phase two of UTC’s strategic plan development is energized and in full swing. The Strategic Planning Steering Committee’s fall kickoff event was held on Monday, August 18th. During the meeting, the Steering Committee was updated about the ongoing efforts of the Provost, Dr. Jerald Ainsworth, to solicit input from over 800 individuals regarding the university’s vision, mission and goals.   This session began the collaborative process of actively crafting a new vision for the university.

By the end of the meeting the Steering Committee had proposed eight major topics of concern that must be addressed as the planning process moves forward. Through an ongoing conversation with the Steering Committee and the UTC community, Provost Dr. Jerald Ainsworth has distilled these major topics into four goal statements, shown below:

Goal One: Transform lives through exceptional and meaningful learning experiences. This goal captures the need to acknowledge faculty and staff collaborations, academic goals, the importance of critical thinking skills, the importance of learning and the value of the four-year college experience.

Goal Two: Nurture/inspire/empower scholarship, creativity, discovery, innovation and entrepreneurial endeavors. The second goal encompasses the desire that UTC be seen as an incubator of knowledge, engaging research and learning across the lifespan.

Goal Three: Ensure financial stewardship through strategic alignment and investments. Goal three focuses on the necessity of wise use of financial resources to ensure the affordability of and access to education. This goal will be accomplished in part through consistency in university planning and by aligning university budgets with performance.

Goal Four: Impact a diverse society through a global vision and community engagement. This goal addresses the need for UTC students to become real-world ready, civic-minded and prepared for productive and meaningful lives.

These four goal statements will be employed as a framework for continued strategic planning conversations with university, alumni and local constituencies that will take place in late summer and early fall.

A graduate of UTC's Music Department, Teresa has worked at the University for 30+ years and recently accepted the position of Assistant to the Provost.