Summer of 2015 Fletcher Hall made effective renovations to improve the Air Handling Units (AHU). The units take in outside air in order to maintain optimal air quality for building occupants. These units are ducted though the roof, and take in more than a reasonable amount of debris. The AHU’s are traditionally operated to gradually replace indoor air (contaminated with CO2 from human occupants) with outside air, which must be conditioned (cooled/heated) throughout the day. This can occur over 20 times a day resulting in a significant thermal load on the HVAC system.


The new HVAC Load Reduction Unit (HLR) has a clay and carbon filter that screens airborne contaminants, including CO2; from the inside return air, thus significantly reducing the amount of outside air that is required to discharge the contaminants. The number of times air must be conditioned can be reduced to as few as twice a day. Therefore, the load on the HVAC system is reduced by up to 90%. This project was helped funded by the Environmental Task Force and the Facilities Planning and Management at UTC.

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