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Everfi Login Help

Many of you have reached out for help with completing the Title IX training – Everfi’s Building Supportive Communities. Some tips: does not use your UTC credentials. It is a separate platform with a separate password. If you have forgotten your password, please click the login link in the email you received from Everfi on Tuesday and click forgot password. This is where it gets tricky – it

Annual Title IX Education

On Tuesday, September 14th all of UTC’s faculty and staff will receive instructions on how to access an online Title IX education module that addresses issues of sexual misconduct, relationship violence, stalking, and sexual harassment. This online module is assigned as part of UTC’s ongoing effort to create a safer and more welcoming campus and in order to comply with Title IX and the Violence Against Women Act. The

Request for Advisors

Dear campus community, UTC’s Title IX Coordinator is seeking faculty and staff who are interested in serving as advisors in the sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking investigation and hearing process. Advisors will attend meetings with the student, faculty, or staff member who is going through the process and provide guidance to the individual, help review any evidence, and conduct cross-examination of the other party

Welcome Back

Welcome back, Mocs! A few reminders as we embark on the 2021-2022 academic year: UTC’s Policy on Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating and Domestic Violence, and Stalking, was recently updated.  You can view the policy here. UTC has many available resources to assist students who have experienced sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking, regardless of when or where it occurred. For a list of confidential

Welcome Back and Title IX Reporting Reminder

Welcome back! As we begin a new academic year, it is important to remember responsibilities with regard to mandatory reporting. All UTC faculty members and most staff members* are mandatory reporters of sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating and domestic violence, and stalking. If you receive information concerning a student or an employee you supervise, it must be reported to the University unless the information is disclosed in a class

Title IX Policy Changes

Dear campus community, UTC’s Policy on Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating and Domestic Violence and Stalking was updated effective today, Friday, August 13, 2021. The changes were made as part of an annual policy review conducted by the University of Tennessee System Title IX Coordinator, in partnership with the campus Title IX Coordinators and the Office of General Counsel. The changes include the following: Appendix A was updated to

Information and Resources

Some of you may have seen a disturbing national trend on social media outlets with posts glorifying sexual violence. Because of the potential impact of those messages and because April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, I thought it was an important time to remind the UTC community about available resources, elements of consent, and how we can all help keep our community safe through bystander intervention. Consent Consent is

Campus Report

Dear faculty and staff, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month and a fitting time to share UTC’s Campus Report on Sexual Harassment, Sexual Assault, Dating  and Domestic Violence, Stalking and Retaliation. In the report you will find information about: UTC’s Title IX teams; Recent changes to the Title IX process; Prevention education and training; Campus climate survey highlights; and Statistics Click here to review the report If you have

Complete a Survey. Enter to win!

Good afternoon, Mocs! UTC’s administration of the annual Know More About Your Campus survey is taking place through April 5th. The survey is completely anonymous and takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.  It covers important topics including students’ experiences with sexual misconduct and relationship violence, knowledge of UTC’s prevention and awareness efforts, and perceptions regarding campus diversity and inclusion. You can access the survey at The first drawing for

Password Trouble – Annual Title IX Education

Several employees have reached out to me letting me know that they are having trouble with their passwords for Everfi’s Building Supportive Communities. I want to clarify that the email used for your login should be your email address, not your address.  Your email address is your UTCID followed by I apologize for the confusion. If you have continued problems with your password, please send