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Staff Appreciation BBQ

It’s always a good day when we can socialize and eat! Thanks to the Executive Team for serving delicious food at the Staff Appreciation BBQ. Watch the video.

UTC is Better Together

Daniel Henson and Damaris Wright didn’t know each other before they attended Better Together, but they gamely put their hands on two handprints on the wall, faced each other, and began a conversation. Henson, a business major, enjoyed talking with Wright, a history major. “I want to be more open to meeting people from different organizations,” Henson explained. “Sometimes it’s hard to break out and do that, but this

Faculty and Staff Campaign

UTC students are the best, and the best way to support them is with your participation in the 2015 Faculty and Staff Campaign, which runs through Friday, April 17. You can give to the Campus Fund for UTC or designate your gift to a specific academic department or college, the library, or your favorite student sport. For instance, in the College of Engineering and Computer Science, the Dean’s Annual