Controls for Zoom-bombing

We have had recent reports of “Zoom-bombing” during some Zoom sessions at UTC.  Zoom-bombing refers to individuals either showing or saying things that are inappropriate. We wanted to provide you with information to assist you in minimizing this likelihood with preemptive and in session controls to deal with Zoom-bombing.


A fifteen-minute Zoom security webinar has been posted by the Walker Center for Teaching and Learning and the link for this session is:

We are also providing the following information discussed in the webinar for reference below…



The following steps can be taken to mitigate Zoom-bombing threats:

  • Do not make meetings or classrooms public. Public meeting links can be joined by anyone, so do not publish the link on a web page unless it is unavoidable.
    • Set a meeting password
    • Or use the waiting room feature and control admittance of guests
    • Only share links in your password protected Canvas course or via email
  • Manage screensharing options
    • In Zoom, change screensharing option to “Host Only”
  • Mute participants upon entry and decide whether to allow them to unmute themselves
    • Select “Manage Participants”, then “More”. You can mute participants on entry, and deselect “Allow Participants to Unmute Themselves”



If disruptive behavior occurs in your Zoom meeting, here are some suggestions to correct the situation:

  • To stop unwanted screen sharing:
    • Share your own screen. You are the host and you may take screen sharing over from attendees.
  • To stop unwelcomed webcam video or sounds:
    • Select the Manage Participants button in the toolbar.
    • Locate the person’s username (which will also be at the top of their video).
    • To the right of their name, mute their webcam and/or microphone.
  • To remove the person from the meeting:
    • Next to the person you want to remove, click More.
    • From the list that appears, click Remove.
    • For an added layer of comfort, you may consider Locking the meeting so they cannot rejoin.   But doing this would prevent additional participants from entering.
      • Select the Manage Participants button
      • In the Participants window go to the bottom and select More
      • Choose Lock Meeting


This notification is from the UTC Information Security Office.  If you have any questions, email us at



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