Monthly Archives: February 2015

British vs. American English: Our vs. Or

The differences between British and American English can be minor when speaking, but cause major confusion when writing. This week’s blog explores spelling differences using the letter “U”.  The British insert it, while Americans discard it.  If you learned English outside of the United States, you probably learned the British version. Pay attention to these words when […]

Literature Searches and Reviews

LITERATURE SEARCH: Your literature search for a technical report should begin before you write the paper.  Choose a general topic followed by more narrow, specific issues within that topic.  As you research articles, books, and website, narrow the general and refine the specific topics.  Take notes so that you can cite your sources later without having to […]

Unnecessary Words

Resist the temptation to add extra words for emphasis when you’ve already made your point. Here’s a list of frequently used phrased with the unnecessary words in parentheses. Never (before) (unusually) unique None (at all) Final (and last) (completely) finished Separate (individuals) (still) ongoing Period (of time) Write (out) (brand) new More (and more) (sole) […]


Avoid common mistakes and your writing will improve and keep on improving. Remember, technical writing is all about clarity for the reader.  Mistake #1: Not having a point • Decide on a Title before writing. • If you tweak the title after writing the paper, review and edit the paper to make sure you’ve made […]