The Department of Energy awarded a grant of $99.8 million to the partnership of eTec, Nissan, and five states to support the deployment of approximately 4,700 electric vehicles through the installation of approximately 11,200 charging systems to be installed in eleven cities across the nation. 4700 of these systems will be installed in the garages of the owners/primary drivers. Others will be installed at places of work, shopping centers, grocery stores, and public parking facilities. In addition, approximately 260 of these chargers will be set up as rapid charging facilities in strategic locations. These sites are selected to extend the range of the electric vehicles beyond what can be achieved with overnight or opportunity charging. Approximately 333 vehicles with associated charging systems have been earmarked for the City of Chattanooga.

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (EVI) team’s task is to develop a strategic placement of charging equipment by taking into account the expected range of the electric vehicles, demographics, driving patterns, driver profiles, topography, demographics, fleet operations, traffic patterns, zoning and permitting regulations, and alignment with on-going community and corporate strategies for environmental sensitivity and sustainability.

The project will focus on three main goals:

  1. placement of charging stations in the Chattanooga and surrounding area
  2. utilization of driving simulation software, driving data trends, as well as decision matrices to validate placement design
  3. development of a business case for ownership of a charging station.

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