UTC students add a touch of polish to Brainerd High

At Brainerd High School, UTC students helped clean and freshen the paint in the gymnasium.

Banner signing celebrates diversity and inclusion at UTC

A banner celebrating diversity and inclusion was signed by dozens in the University Center.

UTC Rocket Mocs team ranked No. 1 in the United States

The UTC rocket team wowed the crowd when it was announced that its rocket reached more than 11,000 feet in height and almost 1,300 mph.

26 birds a’bakin: Students get onboard the 2018 Turkey Train

For this year’s Turkey Train, 26 turkeys and 78 different cans of food were donated to the Chattanooga Food Bank.

Like Auntie, Like Nephew: Alumnus and advisor form lasting bond

Kinnawa Kaitibi and Nicole Brown both remember when they first met during his sophomore year. What started as a rocky first encounter has grown into a years-long mentorship and friendship that has lasted beyond Kaitibi’s college years.