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Research will see if combustion residue sticks to silicone bracelets and rings

The silicone bracelet on your wrist might be more than just a statement of personal style. A study now taking place at UTC is analyzing various wristbands, rings and other items with silicone in them, trying to detect certain organic chemicals that are left behind when any form of combustion takes place, including fireworks, welding, starting a fire or firing a gun. “As anyone who has ever shot a

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Teachers taught to teach STEM subjects

A partnership between UTC and Chatt State offers bachelor’s degrees with STEM education concentrations in the following:

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UTC Student Achieves Entrance into Fellowship Program

UTC Honors College graduate, Cintly Guzman Hernandez is one of 75 Americans selected for the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals.

Get a taste of UTC on Focus Friday

Curious about what college is like? Want to meet some current UTC professors and students? Join us for Focus Friday.

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SGA Outstanding Seniors for 2018 are honored

The Student Government Association’s Outstanding Seniors for 2018 were introduced in a Patten Chapel ceremony.

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