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Researching the hows and whys of brain changes through life

For further information about Jill Shelton’s CALM Lab, visit Consider this scenario: Your spouse asked you to pick up an item at the grocery store on your way home from work, and the supermarket was indeed on your route home. Once you noticed the store’s sign, your brain reminds you of the task at hand. “Oh yeah, I have to remember to pick up that spice at the

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Allison Swinford made a life-changing decision to attend UTC

It was an act of nobility one might not expect out of a high school student. And it came with an “uh-oh” caveat, as in “Uh-oh, what will I do now?” During her freshman year at Dalton (Ga.) High School, Allison Swinford already had her sights set on joining the U.S. Military Academy after graduation. A pitcher on the school’s softball team, Swinford was captivated about going to West

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Mocs running back Ailym Ford No. 5 nationally in 2019 Jerry Rice Award vote

Ailym Ford finished fifth in 2019 voting for the Jerry Rice Award voting, which goes to the national FCS freshman of the year. Ford is only the second Mocs player to finish in the Top 10 in Jerry Rice Award balloting, joining Jacob Huesman (fourth-place finish in 2012).

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Sinking the putt: Monica San Juan wins at school and sport

Engineering is a tough major. It involves more mathematics and physics courses than most students want to take or even fully comprehend. It sounds hard, and if you’re not in the engineering field, you might not understand how difficult it is. Golf is a tough sport to succeed in. You don’t just play 18 holes every Saturday afternoon and suddenly become competitive. To be successful, you must be out

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Despite disappointment and disillusion, Cooper powers his way to graduation

  If you had to pick just one word to describe the way Marshall Cooper might be feeling on commencement day, that word could be “vindicated.” Or maybe  “validated.” As someone figuratively slapped in the face before turning his life around, maybe his journey can’t be summarized in just one word. Cooper, a linebacker on the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football team and a graduate-to-be majoring in health

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