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Eliminating errors: Noelle Currey makes TVA testing more efficient

  Previous winners Other UTC graduates have been in the running for the Ike Zeringue Engineer of the Year Award Engineer of the Year; two have won. For the 2019 award, three graduates were in the running: Nick McClung, bachelor’s in civil engineering in 2008. Tamatha Womack, bachelor’s in engineering in 1998; master in electrical and electronics engineering in 2008. Marjorie Parsons, bachelor’s in electrical engineering in 1999. She

Determination and dedication: Quitting was not an option for Chris Land

Chris Land wanted to be a mechanic.  It was pretty much pre-destined. “Well, my whole life I have been raised in a mechanic family. So, I’ve always been under the hood of vehicles, but I planned on being a garage mechanic or something,” he said. But pre-destiny didn’t come true in his case. “When I was 16, I had a car accident and traumatic brain damage, so that took

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Sinking the putt: Monica San Juan wins at school and sport

Engineering is a tough major. It involves more mathematics and physics courses than most students want to take or even fully comprehend. It sounds hard, and if you’re not in the engineering field, you might not understand how difficult it is. Golf is a tough sport to succeed in. You don’t just play 18 holes every Saturday afternoon and suddenly become competitive. To be successful, you must be out

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3 online degrees chosen as among the nation’s best

Emergency Management, Probation Officer and Construction Management online degrees ranked as top-notch

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UTC Construction teams reach Top 5 in regional contest

Four teams from UTC ranked No. 4 out of 13 teams in recent construction competition.

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