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In Civil War-era newspapers, scholar finds motivation behind Confederate monuments

Civil War monuments: Originally “lost lives” not “Lost Cause.”

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Confederate statues and the UTC Civil War Press Symposium

Thirty-nine experts on Civil War and Free Expression experts are coming to Chattanooga from across the country to talk about the media’s role in memorializing a chapter of U.S. history that segments of American society often view in starkly different terms.

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam visits UTC Thursday

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam visits UTC Thursday morning when he will receive the fifth annual report by the Employment First Task Force. This report documents the work done by the Employment First Task Force to increase competitive employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

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President Donald Trump holds rally in McKenzie Arena

Lee Greenwood sang “God Bless the USA” during a rally with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on Sunday, Nov. 4, 2018, in McKenzie Arena.

Documentary screening: America the Beautiful and panel discussion

In recognition of Eating Disorder Awareness Month, join us for a screening of America the Beautiful on Monday, February 21, 6-8 p.m. in the Benwood Auditorium, EMCS with a panel discussion following. In this documentary, filmmaker Darryl Roberts speaks with everyone from advertising and fashion professionals to average people on the street in an attempt to discover precisely why some people are willing to put their lives on the