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After more than 47 seasons, Mike Royster lays down his Mocs helmet

MIke Royster is retiring from Mocs football after almost 50 years with the team.

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Is your kid good enough to play college sports? Ask Eric Hungenberg

Is your kid good enough to play college sports?

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New athletics counselor is a ‘game changer’

With training, practice, post-practice meetings and pre-practice meetings, ‘the student part of student-athlete gets lost,” said Chris Cannizzaro.

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‘I’m going to show all these people that they can do it,’ Lawson says

Playing defensive back on the Mocs football team for four years didn’t prevent Jerrell Lawson from earning an MBA.

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Jones is one of the best cornerbacks he’s ever seen, Mocs coach says

  Lorenzo Ward has coached 16 defensive backs drafted by National Football League teams, including a pair selected to recent NFL Pro Bowl rosters: New England’s Stephon Gilmore and Green Bay’s Jaire Alexander. So when Ward, defensive coordinator for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga football Mocs, talks about Jordan Jones, you sit back and listen. “Pound-for-pound—and I’ve told him this—Jordan Jones is probably the best cornerback I’ve coached,”

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