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Students on Holocaust Tour play detectives and explore Kraków

Today we had a lighter experience, we visited the Jewish center in Oswiecim. This place not only looks at the horrible things that happened to the Jews during the Holocaust, but also at their happiness before and after the war. We got to play detectives as we handled different photos of something in the center. It could be a photo of a person, a stone tablet, or even a

Holocaust Tour takes students to Auschwitz

Today started with layering up for the cold wind that awaits us outside. Upon arriving to the camp of Auschwitz 1, it’s not like the photos that most of us were raised on seeing, the camp is covered with two barbed wire fences and destroyed roads, but the buildings are what really take you by surprise.  It almost looks like a peaceful town from the outside with the tall

Holocaust Tour stirs emotions as students experience memorials

By Taralyn Wiley Today started out with pretty good weather with a little cold breeze as we traveled to the memorial of the gypsies and the homosexuals. It opens one’s mind to the knowledge of the killing of not only the Jews, but also other groups. The sites are very simple, but the students connected with the hard past. Silence came over the entire site. We walked to the

UTC students visit Wannsee House, Sachsenhausen Camp in first days of Holocaust tour

The beautiful walls hold a dark past. Walking through the house you can see where the conference and the living quarters would be. A feeling of almost anger comes as you sit in the same spot as those that were the masterminds of the killing of thousands of people.

Students leave UTC for Holocaust study tour, one student blogging about experience

A group of UTC students enrolled in a history course, The Holocaust: Perpetrators, Victims, and Bystanders, will take a Holocaust study tour in Poland and Germany during UTC’s spring break.