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Day 8, Friday

By Caitlin Peabody Today was another long day, not in terms of walking just because of all the memorials we visited. We started the morning off at the Holocaust Memorial and Information Site; this was probably my favorite of the day. On top were the varying sizes of cement blocks, underneath is a memorial museum. It gave a new perspective of the Holocaust in our minds. The first room

March 14

By Michael Lawrence So today we toured the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, right by the Brandenburg Gate, in what was previously known as no-man’s land to East Germans during the Communist Era. The Architecture was definitely a change of pace, which left the viewer to determine its message. We toured the upper half and the lower (underground) half. In the lower half we saw numerous account of individuals being

Day 7, Thursday

By Caitlin Peabody Today was an early morning. We left the hostel at around 7 and walked around the corner to a little café that served us a wonderful buffet for breakfast. Shortly after we finished our breakfast we made our way to the S-Bahn station for the hourish long train ride to the Wannsee House, where the conference to decide on the “Final Solution” was held. When we

Day 6, Wednesday

By Caitlin Peabody We left our lovely hotel in Krakow around 8:30 this morning and made our way to the airport. Most of the day was spent traveling, getting our public transportation passes, and checking into our hostel. At around 4:30 pm we went for an early dinner since we hadn’t officially had lunch and then, after we had some amazing Turkish food from around the corner, we made

Beauty of Berlin, visiting the site where the Holocaust was planned

By Michael Lawrence Today we started our morning by going to the Wannsee House. This is a major sight of the preparation of carrying out the plans to murder the Jews. This was a gorgeous house on a gorgeous piece of property. Here we went through more exhibits about the Holocaust and how the Germans view it, which was very interesting to hear from their point of view. We