We honor these students, and invite you to leave a few words of remembrance or prayer for their families and friends.  


  • Brandon Thomas Cass
  • Deborah Deimling
  • Sabra Ellis
  • Ronald Farrell Jr.
  • Kenneth Flint
  • Audrianna Hanley
  • Ian Majoras
  • Susan Mansfield
  • Elizabeth Meyer
  • Martha Morgan
  • Pamela Smith
  • Joel Stover
  • Andrew Svgdik
  • Cody Waggoner
  • Gifford Walker


Always in our thoughts,
Forever in our hearts.

3 Comments » for Students
  1. Polly Neely says:

    My neice is Audrianna Hanley. It is wonderful that you all are remembering those who have left this world in the last year. As a family member of one of the students, I say Thank you.

  2. Tara Ray says:

    Audri was one of my long time friends. It was very sad hearing of her passing in July, but I’m glad that UTC is honoring her. She was a light in many people’s lives, and she will always be remembered. Wish I could make the memorial, but I have class. She will always be in my thoughts, as will all of the other members of our campus who lost their lives this past year.

  3. Dorothea Davis says:

    My heart is overwhelmed and my prayers are with the families of each of these beautiful students. God bless each of you as your loved ones memories forever remain in your hearts. May you find comfort and strength in them as your hearts grieve and heal.

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