We honor these alumni, and invite you to leave a few words of remembrance or prayer for their families and friends.  


  • Mary A. Alexander
  • Ruth Carden Almand
  • Rose K. Anderson
  • Lloyd R. Baker, Jr.
  • James P. Bales
  • Betty G. Barry
  • Celia Kelly Bartlett
  • William J. Benson
  • Samuel T. Benton
  • Dinah J. Bivens
  • Marilyn H. Brandenburg
  • Diane Slenker Burroughs
  • Michael S. Byington
  • Bethany Jill Carver
  • David S. Cavin
  • Marjorie Ann Clarke
  • Harold A. Climer
  • James A. Coffey
  • Suzanne Mandel Cohn
  • Judd W. Colinger, Jr.
  • Larry E. Copeland, Jr.
  • Robert F. Coyne
  • Martin H. Davis, Sr.
  • Kenneth R. Driskill
  • Jacqueline J. Elkins
  • Hugh Curtis Erwin
  • Malone J. Everett
  • Virginia H. Everett
  • Virginia Fanguy
  • Joel E. Fitts
  • Milton T Fugate, Jr.
  • David G. Fussell
  • Ted A. Futrelle
  • Debra Lynn Gass
  • Gilford H. Gibbs
  • Mary J. Gooden
  • Sanford L. Hall
  • Miss Kathleen B. Harris
  • Robert W. Hayes
  • James A. Hewitt
  • Charlotte P. Hill
  • Michel Holder
  • Doris L. Hoover
  • Hugh D. Huffaker, Jr.
  • James R. Huitt
  • Larry C. Humphrey
  • Tommy H. Jackson
  • Anna Gray Johnson
  • June W. Jones
  • William M. Kines
  • Norma C. Knier
  • Philip S. Krug
  • Hildred H. Levi
  • Abe Levine
  • Blair Lillard
  • Jimmy R. Lindsay
  • Madge C. Lockhart
  • Jean M. Logan
  • Bettye Bales Lonas
  • Joann Chambers Love
  • Betty S. Lumpkin
  • Patricia Ann McBryar
  • Eleanor W. McCallie
  • Paul S. McCartt
  • Julia A. McClary
  • Harold W. McDaniel
  • Milton W. McDonald
  • Howells D. Miller
  • Patricia T. Minter
  • Ervin Mitchell
  • Mark D. Moon
  • Patricia Ann Martin Morris
  • Elbert Z. Nassey
  • Barbara A. Newton
  • Yulanda Nkenga Norfleet
  • Warren A. Ostergard, Jr.
  • F. Park
  • John E. Pauley
  • Moses Payne, III
  • Joe H. Petty
  • Donald Quarles
  • Alex Radin
  • Ruth C. Robinson
  • Robert Shadoin
  • Debra Lynn Sklanka
  • Franklin I. Smith
  • Wesley Smith
  • Renwick J. Smith, Jr.
  • William A. Smith
  • James Thomas Songster III
  • Glenn O. Sturdivant
  • Martin F. Stutz
  • James Kellett Thomas III
  • Helen C. Thomason
  • Arch E. Trimble
  • Ambrose J. Troxler
  • Judith M. Watson
  • Suzanne R. Weaver
  • Donald E. Westbrook
  • Rochelle Williams-Ware
  • Bonnie Mary Winikates
  • Ronald F. Wolfe
  • Olive Glenn Wright
  • Imogene H. Yentsch
  • F. Ziegler


Always in our thoughts,
Forever in our hearts.

6 Comments » for Alumni
  1. Dr. Theodore W, Hayes says:

    My brother, Robert W. Hayes (August 1956 class), died on August 22, 2014 in Atlanta. Survived by wife, three children, two grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.

  2. Bud Elsea says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together. Including the class of the alum and listing them in that order would be helpful.

    Hi Jayne – Keep up the wonderful work. Go Mocs!
    Bud Elsea, Class of ’76

  3. Janet Wright says:

    Great Job, Jayne! You are so thoughtful to publish this list in remembrance of the ones we knew and loved.
    Thanks you!
    Janet Wright, Class of ’74

  4. Jim lynch says:

    Sadly, so many fine have passed recently. They must be remembered.

  5. Ann Parham Kell says:

    Thank-you Jayne . Very informative and thoughtful! Class of 73

  6. David and Carol Gibbs says:

    Thank you Jayne and to all who have a part in this Blue and Gold Memorial Service.
    A special remembrance to our uncle, Gilford Gibbs. He was always proud to support the MOCS by wearing shirts and hats that displayed Mocs logo. He enjoyed the sports events and alumni activities he could physically attend. A very happy and easy-going person who loved life.
    Thanks again for the remembrance.

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