We honor these students, and invite you to leave a few words of remembrance or prayer for their families and friends.  


  • Ali Ali
  • Courtney Bacigalupi
  • Sean Bowling
  • Samuel Cromer
  • Angel Dagnan
  • Emma Dicarlo
  • Dalton Downing
  • Ethan Johnson
  • Akeem Williams
  • Roschell Williams-Ware
  • Graham Winton


Always in our thoughts,
Forever in our hearts.

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  1. Dr. John Trussel says:

    I was Angel Dagnan’s accounting professor for three semesters at Dalton State College and UTC. She was one of the best and brightest students that I have ever had in over 25 years of teaching. I really enjoyed working with her. I miss her very much.

  2. Renee Liang says:

    Emma DiCarlo was one of my freshmen in Stagmaier Hall. Her death hit the residents and myself very hard. She was truly a gift and her humor and presence will be missed for years to come.

  3. Jay Nguyen says:

    Was lucky enough to go to school with school with Sam Cromer from kindergarten until my freshman year of college. Rest in peace to a truly great guy.

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