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Dr. Steven Angle
Civility, Diversity and Inclusion at UTC

The turn-out for the mid-term election was strong.  The results are in.  Some of us supported winning candidates, some of us supported those who lost.  Some did not participate.  We are all wondering where we go from here.

The outcomes of the election show many close races across the country and the nearly even split between political opinions.  If our country is to come together, we must be willing to agree to disagree. UTC is striving to be a model for discussion and open dialogue.  At UTC we celebrate our differences.  We must be a safe haven for open expression and a model for others by showing a way for civility.

Whether the election is viewed as a win or a loss for a political party, it was a win for our country.  People participated in our political process, and their voices were heard.  Now the hard work begins.

Now is the time for us to come together as a diverse community, respecting what defines each of us as individuals and what defines us as an institution.  Excellence at UTC comes through embracing diversity and inclusion.  It is at the heart of our strategic plan.

Beginning in the spring 2019 semester, we will hold a series of events for our campus to come together for discussion and dialogue.  We will leverage events already planned along with new experiences to better understand what connects us as people and defines us as individuals.  The College of Arts and Sciences, in partnership with the Multicultural Center, will take the lead in developing the content and the approaches to address these important issues. These will be opportunities to share our voices and perspectives and hopefully gain a better appreciation for each other.

More information will be available after Thanksgiving, and a website will be established for these events sometime before the end of the semester.

If you would like to be involved in planning these events or if you have events that could be a part of this series, please contact Dr. Michelle Deardorff, Department Head in Political Science and Public Service.  You may contact Dr. Deardorff at

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