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Preparing for Fall 2020

In coordination with the UT System, UTC is making plans to be fully operational with students returning to campus for face-to-face classes this fall.  All modifications made to the schedule, policies, and practices will be aligned with CDC and American College Health Guidelines.

A detailed plan to bring staff and faculty back to campus, the “Campus Reintegration Plan,” will be forthcoming from HR.  A summary of the highlights of the Campus Reintegration Plan follows this message.  We anticipate that different divisions/units of the campus will initiate reintegration at different times depending on the operational needs of that particular division/unit.

Our 2020 Task Force, co-chaired by Dean Robert Dooley and Dr. Richard Brown, is charged with developing creative ideas/solutions for UTC to continue to provide a high-quality educational experience in a safe and healthy manner as we return to offering instruction on campus.

Each of you have risen to the challenges that COVID-19 has presented. None of us can predict the future, and I appreciate your resilience and commitment to moving us forward as we plan for the Fall Semester.


Campus Reintegration Plan Summary

UTC will implement a 3-phase reintegration to campus plan in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and Governor Lee’s Executive Order-30. The plan will establish standards that allow employees to return to their areas of in-person engagement in the work setting in a manner that strives to protect their health and the health of the community.

Currently, we are planning Phase 1 to begin sometime in mid-May to mid-June. The commencement of reintegration will vary by campus unit and division. The operational needs of each division will determine the effective date for each phase and will be based on CDC guidelines, government official guidance, and monitoring the health and safety of our campus community.

Overview of Phases
Phase 1:
Incrementally reintegrate personnel into the workplace who cannot effectively work from home, whose positions are needed to prepare for return to full operations in Fall 2020 or those who would prefer to be in the office to maximize productivity. Approximately 15-25% of campus occupancy is anticipated but may vary by division based on operational needs.  Each supervisor will work with individual staff to incorporate personal situations such as health risk factors and childcare into divisional plans.

Phase 2: Continue to reintegrate personnel to increase unit capacity and functionality. Establish alternative scheduling, alternative workplace design and refine workspace habits to enable social distancing and hygiene. Approximately 50% of campus occupancy is anticipated but may vary by division based on operational needs.

Phase 3: Return to standard operations with full staff necessary for operational needs while continuing to utilize remote work arrangements to the extent feasible, alternative scheduling, and other measures to maintain flexibility, resiliency and prevention of illness.

Key Strategies for Phased Reintegration

  • Staffing: Increase on-site staffing incrementally to support operational needs.
  • Innovation: Continue and expand innovative workplace practices, design and scheduling.
  • Hygiene: Incorporate CDC-recommended hygiene practices into cultural norms.
  • Health Monitoring: Monitor health to ensure the well-being of our campus community.

Full details of UTC’s Campus Reintegration Plan will be forthcoming, and we will continue to prioritize communication and transparency throughout this process.

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