We honor these staff and retirees, and invite you to leave a few words of remembrance or prayer for their families and friends.  


  • E. Grady Bogue
  • Rosemary Hoenig
  • Tom Jones
  • Jan Printz
  • Ida Pryor


Always in our thoughts,
Forever in our hearts.

3 Comments » for Staff & Retirees
  1. General (Retired) B. B. Bell says:

    Dr. Grady Bogue was one of my personal heroes. In the short time I knew this wonderful man, I learned lessons of leadership that had eluded me across 39 years of military service. Grady was a fellow Veteran, a Patriot and a brother. May God go with him.

  2. Michele Bogue says:

    To all those who keep this vital tradition alive, thank you for all of your time, talent, and energy that goes into this service. It most certainly holds a great deal of meaning for all those touched by the loss of those who are being honored and remembered in this way.

    Though miles apart geographically, together dad and I shared common ground as military vets, avid french horn players, and educators with a deep desire to make an impact in higher education for those on our watch in the present and for those who will venture down those hallowed halls long after we are gone. The love, care, and compassion you all have shown Linda and the family is deeply appreciated.

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