Ethan Gossett, 2018 recipient of the UTC History Department Scholarship for excellent performance in history courses, on why he chose to major in history.

Hello, my name is Ethan Gossett and I am a history major here at UTC. I chose to major in this discipline simply because history is favorite subject. I enjoy reading primary source documents from the past to acquire a deeper understanding of particular topics. I also like comparing different accounts of history from separate parties who are involved in the same event. This helps me gain a more robust knowledge of the past and understand the reasoning behind why certain actions were taken. Having knowledge of the past and keeping in mind the perspectives of all parties in a situation is a key aspect in trying to implement new polices, which can improve the future of our country.

My experience in UTC’s History Department has been nothing short of amazing! All the history professors at UTC are passionate about their subject matters, which makes me more interested in what they are teaching. I have never taken a history course here at UTC that I did not thoroughly enjoy.

Receiving the History Department Scholarship is a tremendous honor and means a great deal to me. It is a sign that my hard work has paid off and that I have made the right choice in becoming a history major. At first, I was concerned about job opportunities for history majors and was hesitant to go in that direction. However, through my history classes, I feel I have gained a certain skill set which can be applicable to a wide variety of occupations. I am very confident that choosing history as my discipline was the right choice, and am grateful to the department for awarding me this scholarship.


Ethan Gossett

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