Congratulations to the 2020 student recipients of History Department Scholarships!  

Click on each of their names for their reasons for choosing history.

The Iphigene Ochs Sulzberger Scholarship, for excellent performance in American history courses, awarded to:

Sophie Barton and Jonah Stokes

The Dr. William H. Masterson Memorial Scholarship, for excellent performance in history and humanities courses, awarded to:

Blake Hurst

The UTC History Department Scholarship, for excellent performance in history courses, awarded to:

Maggie Stegall 

The Culpepper Family Scholarship, for excellent performance in history courses, awarded to:

Matthew Blankenship

The Ethel Chapin Morgan Scholarship, awarded to:

Noah Allen-Darden


Sophie Barton:  “I chose to study history because it truly is the gateway to exploring the rest of the world. History shows us so much about how the past shapes societies and human beings. Every day, I learn something new while studying history and I truly feel excitement having the opportunity to learn from great professors.”


Blake Hurst: “I am ever appreciative of the history department staff, among whom I’ve found only kindred-spirits and a bottomless enthusiasm to help me discover exactly that–connections to the present through the past.”


Maggie Stegall: “Before coming to UTC I was a Foreign Language student at Chattanooga State. While my language of choice was not offered here at UTC, I could not be more grateful that I became a History major. The professors here at UTC are fantastic, and truly helpful and wonderful.”


Noah Allen-Darden: “I chose to study history to help me deepen my understanding and appreciation for the people and events that have led us to where we are today. I feel that history is a discipline that infuses scholars with greater empathy, appreciation, and understanding about the world around them. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the UTC History Department.”

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