The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Master of Public Health is pleased to share the collaboration between Hamilton County Schools, UTC School of Education, UTC Institute of Teaching and Learning and WTCI PBS with the “Educate! At Home Learning Support” Initiative. The primary focus of the Educate! Channel is to provide learning opportunities while children are at home during this pandemic. The content presented will be shown up to twelve hours a day reinforcing content that educators are providing for students during school. With COVID still surrounding us, it is important to continue educating our young people and providing them with educational equity efforts. MPH students and faculty will help support this channel by providing “brain break” segments with a main focus on healthy living segments such as nutrition, sleep, breathing exercises, physical activity options and many more. One of MPH’s second year students, Mary Ferris, has taken lead on this project with providing a plethora of healthy living content that will be presented to children and families in the Chattanooga community.