MPH Alumni Zach Farley ‘20 was recently accepted and offered a full scholarship into University of Oregon’s Prevention Science PhD Program for the Fall of 2021. This will be a 4-year, research intensive degree program. Zach states, “The research interests I share with faculty members at University of Oregon is, in large-part, the reason I decided to accept the PhD position. Specifically, Dr. Liz Budd — my PhD advisor — and I share an interest in developing and implementing physical activity interventions for the youth and adolescent population. Dr. Budd has a dense background in working with and in community organizations (e.g. Boys & Girls Club) to implement health promotion initiatives, and I hope to be an asset in these endeavors.” Zach’s hope is to bring a new component to Dr. Budd’s research, which may turn into a future dissertation- to examine physical activity intervention strategies using social network analysis to enhance outcomes. When asked about Zach’s future with his PhD, he says, “I hope that this experience will permit me to develop into a researcher that contributes to the physical activity and healthy lifestyle literature-base while making a positive impact on communities, which is the most important outcome of research. More specifically, I would either like to secure a research position at a government institute or be hired on at an academic institution on tenure track where I will then conduct independent and collaborative research.” We wish Zach nothing but the best on his endeavors and cannot wait to see where his journey will lead.